Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

it's just some stupid poem

dulu gue saking cintanya sama si kak ******, gue pernah bikin puisi, it's just a stupid poem dan sekarang gue nyesel kenapa harus bikin ini, buat dia lagi.
here it goes

it's been eight month i've been feeling like this
for the first time i saw you, i know you're the one
i never understood before
and i never knew what love was for
but everytime i saw you, i catch my breath
but you wouldn't understand
because you don't love me

i try and try to hide this feeling
but that means i lied to myself
knowing you don't love me
sure it broke my heart and it makes me wanna cry
but crying is not gonna solve anything
it's just gonna make you fall appart
so i'll let you go right now
because you're not mine..


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